Catalogue d’exposition Noir Écume

Art show and audio installation from October 31th to November 15th 2018 at the Chapelle de l’Ancien Couvent des Cordeliers.

Opening Tuesday 30th October 2018 at 18H. With the support of Belin family.

Nicolas Giraud’s work, aka 100Taur, is articulated around the image of the mythologic monster, in a burst of adequacy with nature.
With « Black Foam or the shape of dreams », his new exhibition at the chapelle de l’Ancien Couvent des Cordeliers in Toulouse, 100Taur continues his meticulous exploration of the image of the monster and expands his bestiary with fantastic creatures or monsters inspired by pop culture.

The sacred characteristic of this exceptional patrimonial venue gives a special dimension to his work, with an affirmation of his need to paint, to create, to go outside himself and to be to the world in a continuous aquatic movement between dream and waking wandering.

The crib makes us swing above an abyss, and common sense teaches us that our existence is nothing but the brief light of a crack between two eternities of darkness.
Vladimir Nabokov, Speak, Memory

Fishing with his grandfather when he was a kid and time spent by the ocean or by rivers, 100Taur keeps an immense love for everything related to water and makes it a recurring element of his work.
He considers water as a way to look into himself. Changing, moving, sometimes awfully calm, water in itself is an original monster and the crib of his chimeras, born from a mastered art of yokes.

Even if they seem frozen, often immerged in water, sometimes swampy, sometimes black and blue, where a luxurious and colorful flora unfold, these deified monsters, solitary, scary by essence, generate more sympathy than terror with their clumsy look.

Behind each of his drawings, paintings and sculptures, a story awaits to be discovered, one of a world made of water, of loneliness and luminous dreams.  

A musical creation, invisible wave, accompanies the visit of this exhibition. It has been composed by Yoan Hernandez, a musician from Toulouse and a childhood friend of the artist.

A show catalogue has been published for this exhibition.

About the venue

Property of Belin family, the Chapelle de l’Ancien Couvent des Cordeliers, dated from the XIVth and XVIth centuries, is classified as Historic Monuments and is regularly the venue of cultural and artistic events.

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